So I finally have decided its time to use my GOD given natural talents and write. At least about photography, the thing that I spend most of my days and nights doing. So……here is my first attempt at sharing and hopefully continuing to do what comes so naturally.

I really can’t remember my first shoot and yes sure I have the images lying around somewhere on one of the many hard drives taking up space in my closet but I don’t feel like those images are a true testament to what Style Militia represents; where I started, yes. So my first post will be my first shoot I pretty much decided my style as a creative individual, ‘We like to Party’. This shoot gave me the opportunity to work with other creative like-minded individuals whose talents range from hair, make-up, fashion, styling. The concept, if you haven’t yet figured it out is from the Queen Bee herself Beyonce, no one does it better. I loved the colors, the clothing and the overall feeling the song gave me so I gathered together a team, recruited some models and in an amount of hours we got the concept and idea together. A full day shoot with eight models, lot’s of colorful clothes, a cheap motel room in a sketchy area and tons of red cups and tins of popcorn. We completely destroyed the hotel room…lipstick on mirrors, pictures hanging off the wall mounts…..don’t worry we totally cleaned as much as we could up before we left but I’m pretty sure the maid walked in..looked at the room and walked out and told the manager ‘I Quit’ lol….

Ok no more rambling… and now TBT from 2011’s ‘We like to Party’

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